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Intended Audience: Investment Bankers, Students

All the answers to the Refinitiv Workspace Foundational Certificate certification can be found in the study materials below. Work through the training and then request a token to take the exam.


Getting Started (8)

News (1)

  • The News Monitor App (NEWS) View description

    Refinitiv Workspace contains an intuitive customizable news monitor with rich functionality. News monitoring offers the reliable real-time news coverage you would expect from Reuters news. This module will cover the main features in the News Monitor App. Duration: 14 minutes 6 seconds .

Charting (1)

Company Analysis (6)

Industry Analysis (4)

  • Industry App (INDUS) View description

    This module will cover the Industry App. This app provides an easy way to view consolidated industry activity allowing you to quickly scan and action market moving information. The app allows you to deep dive into the key content relevant to the selected industry and its companies. Duration: 3 more minutes 6 seconds .

  • The Aggregates App (AGGR) - (2:00) View description

    This video provides an overview of the Aggregates app (AGGR). The aggregates app offers a top down analysis of the market. It enables comparisons between business sectors, geographies or portfolios to support asset allocation and idea generation. Duration: 2 minutes 48 seconds .

  • Macro Explorer App (MACROX) - (2:00) View description

    The Macro Explorer App (MACROX) allows you to explore global trends, areas of risk and macro investment opportunities, by screening global economies against a wide range of macro indicators and using a variety of visualizations. Duration: 12 minutes 27 seconds .

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  • Sustainable Finance/ESG Data (SFLP) - (2:00) View description

    This video introduces the Sustainable Finance Landing Page (SFLP) which serves as a centralized starting point for Refinitiv's Sustainability offerings. Also learn how to view ESG data at a company level. Duration: 3 minutes 22 seconds .

Data Retrieval: Microsoft Excel Tools (1)

Data Retrieval: Microsoft Excel Tools (Office 365 Version) (1)

Data Retrieval: APIs (1)

  • Introduction to Codebook - (2:00) View description

    Available in Refinitiv Workspace and Eikon, CodeBook gives you access to our APIs and platform services in a single interface so you can be even more efficient. With our data, you can build analytics, applications, and other use cases that are critical for your daily workflow needs. Duration: 3 more minutes 56 seconds .

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