OTAS Core Summary

Designed and supported by OTAS Technologies, the OTAS Core Summary app highlights hidden risks and opportunities concealed in market data, providing you with signals and flags so you are the first to see when the risk landscape changes.

  • Core Summary: Take the hard work out of monitoring things like short interest, insider transactions, options and CDS, giving you a complete view of the market that’s accurate and highlight what you need to know.
  • Top Stocks: Analyses the current single stock Core Summary signals and flags but for an entire portfolio or quote list, providing a list of the Top 5 stocks ranked separately by positivity and negativity. This application can be used for risk management purposes or supporting idea generation.
  • Lingo: Creates automated, natural language written reports which provide you with up – to – date analysis of all the standout and unusual activity in stocks that you are about. Lingo will enhance daily market & portfolio related reports and inform risk management decisions whilst improving efficiency and increase understanding of the factors that impact share prices.
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