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Developed and supported by TruValue Labs, Inc., Insight360 leverages the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) ESG Materiality Framework to find opportunities and manage risks. Insight360 combines the power of TruValue Labs’ timely ESG insights with Thomson Reuters robust set of ESG data, all filtered by the SASB materiality standards. 

  • See real-time sustainability ratings in chart form; select custom time ranges, compare companies to peers and benchmarks, and choose categories you care about.
  • Apply SASB Materiality filter to 400+ Metrics: Combine Thomson Reuters robust library of ESG metrics with TruValue Labs timely events and scores.
  • Identify companies with strong ESG momentum:  Momentum indicator lets you identify a company’s ESG performance trajectory so you can make informed investment decisions.
  • Rank companies with short, medium, and long-term scores.  Scores help you construct portfolios and make timely decisions for any strategy, whether fundamental, active, smart beta, or quantitative. 

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