Developed and supported by cleversoft, the OTC PRIIP KID Generator app is the solution for on-demand creation of Key Information Documents. 

All institutions offering OTC derivatives to their clients need to provide pre-trade documents such as PRIIP KIDs (key information documents) according to European Union (EU) Regulation No 1286/2014. The OTC KID generator is the cleversoft service application for creating PRIIP KIDs for OTC products such as forward exchange contracts or interest rate options. With the OTC KID generator, cleversoft offers an efficient and standardized KID solution to create PRIIP KIDs ondemand for OTC derivatives. The service comprises the calculation of all key figures and performance scenarios, as well as the preparation and archiving of documents to fulfill the regulatory requirements of the PRIIP Regulation.

Disclaimer: It is acknowledged that Thomson Reuters and cleversoft do not act as manufacturers, sellers or advisors in relation to Packaged Retail Investment Products (PRIIPs) or other financial products. In addition, Thomson Reuters and cleversoft have no responsibility for ensuring that the produced / provided documents (such as KIDs according to PRIIPs EU Regulation No. 1286/2014) meet the requirements of the PRIIPs regulation and any associated rules.

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