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All the answers to the Eikon Certificate can be found in the study materials below. Work through the training and then request a token to take the exam.


Getting Started (6)

Price & News Discovery (9)

  • Using the Monitor App View description

    This modules includes the following topics:

    • Introduction (00:37)
    • Loading Lists in Monitor (01:34)
    • Column Formatting (01:11)
    • Classification of Portfolios and Lists (01:09) more
    • Preferences (00:57)
    • Adding Template Fields (00:59)
    • Universal Data Item Picker (UDIP) (00:50)
    • Sorting (00:40)
    • Column and Row Right Click Menus (00:40)
    • Column Wrapping (1:00)
    • Unlink Constituents (00:36)
    • Conditional Coloring (1:33)
    • Creating Formulas (00:43)
    • Formulas - Referencing Another Column (00:57)

  • Creating and Managing Alerts in Eikon View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • Introduction to Alerts (01:20)
    • Using the Alert Manager (02:33)
    • Setting Default Notification Preferences (03:20)
    • Creating a Market Data Alert (04:19) more
    • Creating a News Alert (01:57)
    • Creating an Investor Brief Alert (01:50)
    • Creating a Research Alert (02:39)
    • Creating a Filings and Street Events Alert (02:57)
    • Creating an Economic Event Alert (02:10)
    • Editing Alerts (01:02)

  • The Google Chrome Extension View description

    This module introduces you to the Google Chrome extension that lets you access Eikon anywhere. .

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  • Accessing News in Eikon View description

    An Introduction to the News content and how to access in Eikon. .

  • The News Monitor (NEWS) App View description

    This course includes the following topics:

    • Introduction to the News Monitor (01:15)
    • Creating a News Search (2:34)
    • Keyword searching (1:38)
    • Filters and Sources (1:17) more
    • Filtering for News by Date (01:24)
    • The Headline Highlighter Tool (01:19)
    • Customizing the News Monitor (02:41)
    • Advanced Search Filters(0:56)

  • Get a Fresh Angle with Reuters Breakingviews - (2:00) View description

    Reuters Breakingviews is the world's leading source of agenda-setting financial insight. Use Eikon to expose this powerful content set, get a fresh angle on the latest stories, and generate new ideas. .

  • The Reuters Top News App - (2:00) View description

    Watch this video to find out about the significant enhancements to the Reuters Top News (TOPNEWS) app. .

  • Viewing Reuters Insider in Eikon - (2:00) View description

    Discover how easy it is to access Reuters Insider video content in Eikon .

  • Using the Briefcase in Eikon View description

    This module shows you how to save news stories, research documents, filings and events to My Briefcase (BRIEF), and access them anytime anywhere. (4:11) .

Charting (3)

  • About Charts in Eikon View description

    A short introduction to the charting options available in Eikon - Version 4 .

  • Getting Started with The Chart (CHT) App View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • Create a Chart App (02:18)
    • Customizing a Chart App Quickly (03:03)
    • Add Analyses and Trendlines to a Chart (03:04)
    • Adding a Chart to your Favorites (01:27) more
    • Linking a Quote List with a Chart App (01:38)
    • Use Relative Performance Analysis (02:13)
    • Sharing Apps using Refinitiv Messenger (01:58)
    • Export Chart Data to Excel (01:33)
    • Customizing Chart Properties (03:34)

  • The Financial Chart App View description

    This course includes the following topics:

    • About the Financial Chart (01:53)
    • Introducing The Financial Chart (3:28)
    • Using The Toolbar (3:16)
    • Adding Additional Instrument and further customization (2:46) more
    • Charting Fundamentals and Estimates Data (2:21)

Collaborating (2)

Analyzing Data in Microsoft Office (6)

  • Eikon - Microsoft Office: Data Retrieval - (2:00) View description

    Get an overview of the core data retrieval capabilities of the Microsoft Office add-in. Discover various methods for building and editing data retrieval functions in Excel. Find out about the range of content sets available. .

  • Eikon - Microsoft Office: Core Functionality - (2:00) View description

    Get an overview of the core capabilities of the Microsoft Office add-in. See how it interacts with Eikon desktop, tap into the advanced financial function library, and find tools for charting, contribution, and more. For complex tasks, discover APIs for automated data retrieval and processing. .

  • Eikon - Microsoft Office: Apps & Productivity Tools - (2:00) View description

    Get an overview of the extended capabilities of the Microsoft Office add-in. Link Excel to Word and PowerPoint using the Linking and Presentation Tools apps. Access new datasets and tools using the Deal Analytics app. Become more productive with Eikon shortcuts, Eikon trace, and Eikon auto-color. .

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  • Eikon - Microsoft Office: Resources - (2:00) View description

    Get an overview of the resources that will allow you to get the most from the Microsoft Office add-in. Discover several ways to access pre-built templates, on-line help, and the OnDemand training curriculum. .

  • Formula Builder: An Introduction View description

    The Formula Builder is a powerful interface for creating and editing real-time, fundamental, and historical data retrieval functions in Excel. In this short presentation, you will learn how to use the Formula Builder to specify instruments and data items, set parameters and display options, more and switch between Real Time & Fundamental and Times Series modes. (Level: Basic) .

  • Activate the Excel Add-in View description

    Watch a step-by-step guide on how to activate Eikon - Microsoft Office in Excel. (Level: Basic) .

Markets (2)

  • Oil: The Essentials - (2:00) View description

    The Oil Overview is the starting point for Oil professionals. It provides instant access to news, real-time pricing, charts, research, analysis, forecasts and statistics. Watch this video for a quick tour. .

  • Eikon Research Tools View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Benefits of Refinitiv's Research Collection (1:28)
    • Accessing Company Research (3:09)
    • Advanced Research Search (2:43)

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