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  • Datastream Charting in Eikon View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • About Datastream Charting (02:12)
    • Working with Datastream Chart Studio (DSCHART) (02:25)
    • Exploring Chart Studio (02:19)
    • Apply Datatypes, Currencies and Functions (03:08) more
    • Changing Chart Settings and Line Styles (02:00)

  • Getting Started with Datastream Navigator - (2:00) View description

    This module covers the following topics:

    • Introduction and how to access Navigator
    • Using text search and filters to find Series
    • Using Explorer Hierarchies to find Series
    • Using Relationships to find Series more
    • Advanced Search
    • Creating Datastream Lists and User Created Indices (UCI)
    • Finding Datatypes

  • Economic Insights - The Eikon Chartbook - (2:00) View description

    The Chartbook (CBOOK) provides a quick and unique repository of analytical content. It gives you insight into a country, region or thematic, saving you time to concentrate on your job rather than creating charts. .

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