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  • About Charts in Eikon View description

    A short introduction to the charting options available in Eikon - Version 4 .

  • Getting Started with The Chart (CHT) App View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • Create a Chart App (02:18)
    • Customizing a Chart App Quickly (03:03)
    • Add Analyses and Trendlines to a Chart (03:04)
    • Adding a Chart to your Favorites (01:27) more
    • Linking a Quote List with a Chart App (01:38)
    • Use Relative Performance Analysis (02:13)
    • Sharing Apps using Refinitiv Messenger (01:58)
    • Export Chart Data to Excel (01:33)
    • Customizing Chart Properties (03:34)

  • Exploring Chart Options in Eikon View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • An overview of Chart Views in Eikon (1:00)
    • The Company Chart View (2:15)
    • Comparing Companies (2:00)
    • Charting Fundamental Data with Chart Builder (2:00) more
    • Using Chart Builder to Create an Analysis Chart (3:00)
    • Using Workflow Charts (4:11)
    • Accessing Charts from the App Library (1:30)
    • Using Eikon Answers to Create a Technical Analysis Chart (2:30)

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  • Trevor Neil's Technical Analysis Surgery
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    This Technical Analysis Surgery Webinar is presented by Trevor Neil MSTA MSCI, principal trainer of the BETA Group based in London. Trevor shares his experience and knowledge of the markets and technical analysis, both ancient and modern. He uses the  Eikon Charting object to more demonstrate and explain the theory or technique, using examples from the market. The session is interactive via Webex and Audio Conferencing. Live sessions are held three times on Fridays and once on Mondays,  choose the time that suits you. March 19th and 22nd Selecting Stocks for Bearish Trend Trading In this session, Trevor Neil will look at selecting securities which are likely to trend lower and tackle how to manage that sort of trade. Shorting of stocks has become more accessible and efficient in recent years. Shorting can be part of a risk reducing strategy for a portfolio and add considerable opportunity for Alpha generation. There are dangers in selling something you do now own but we know, particularly in equities, how much faster falls are in comparison with rises. (Why is this so?). He will look at candidate selection and how to protect this bearish position and how to exit when the move is over. April 16th and 19th Pivot Trading Skills In this session, Trevor Neil will look at this popular trading strategy. Pivot points have been a go-to for traders for decades. The basis of these pivot points is that price will often move relative to a previous limit, and unless an outside force causes the price to do so, the price should stop near a calculated extreme. Pivot point trading strategies vary, which makes them a versatile tool for traders. While most popular amongst Day-Traders, it works well with longer-term charts too. He will describe how they are calculated,  a trading method that gives entry rules, protection, targets, and rules for handling False-Breaks. He will share his thoughts on the method's strengths and weaknesses.  This is a section from his Short-Term Trading Techniques courses. May 21st and 24th Initial Stop Placement and Follow-Up Strategy There are three types of Stops - types designed to be executed (say to enter a position or to secure a profit), types to run a position (say a trailing Stop placed far enough away not to be hit by market 'noise') and types to avoid catastrophic losses (say you normally exit at a Target or based on a reverse signal from an indicator, you need a safety net for your position). Trevor will also discuss whether you should place a Target order or not? This is a section from his Advanced Technical Analysis and Short-Term Trading Techniques courses. June 18th and 21st Starting with Fibonacci This is part one of three on the practical application of Fibonacci in your trading and investment process. In this session, Trevor Neil will cover it’s history and, most importantly, why it is of value and not just folk law. He will look at the nature of the Support and Resistance level. Has it held or failed? In session two, he will look at Fibonacci Projections and answer the question, where to start your count in an established trend. In Part Three, he will look at how to supplement your analysis with other appropriate techniques. He will also look at Fibonacci Time, Arcs and introduce its use in Elliott Wave Theory. This is a three-part Comprehensive Course in Fibonacci Skills. .

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