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  • About Charts in Eikon View description

    A short introduction to the charting options available in Eikon - Version 4 .

  • Getting Started with The Chart (CHT) App View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • Create a Chart App (02:18)
    • Customizing a Chart App Quickly (03:03)
    • Add Analyses and Trendlines to a Chart (03:04)
    • Adding a Chart to your Favorites (01:27) more
    • Linking a Quote List with a Chart App (01:38)
    • Use Relative Performance Analysis (02:13)
    • Sharing Apps using Refinitiv Messenger (01:58)
    • Export Chart Data to Excel (01:33)
    • Customizing Chart Properties (03:34)

  • Exploring Chart Options in Eikon View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • An overview of Chart Views in Eikon (1:00)
    • The Company Chart View (2:15)
    • Comparing Companies (2:00)
    • Charting Fundamental Data with Chart Builder (2:00) more
    • Using Chart Builder to Create an Analysis Chart (3:00)
    • Using Workflow Charts (4:11)
    • Accessing Charts from the App Library (1:30)
    • Using Eikon Answers to Create a Technical Analysis Chart (2:30)

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  • Trevor Neil's Technical Analysis Surgery*
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    This Technical Analysis Surgery Webinar is presented by Trevor Neil MSTA MSCI, principal trainer of the BETA Group based in London. Trevor shares his experience and knowledge of the markets and technical analysis, both ancient and modern. He uses the  Eikon Charting object to more demonstrate and explain the theory or technique, using examples from the market. The session is interactive via Webex and Audio Conferencing. Live sessions are held three times on Fridays and once on Mondays,  choose the time that suits you. October 14th  The LSS 3-Day Cycle Method* The LSS 3-Day Cycle Method is based on the writing of George Douglas Taylor's classic "Book Method" of the Nineteen-fifties and is designed to identify support and resistance. This market strategy is particularly useful in day trading because it identifies zones where the market can be bought or sold with decreased risk. Taylor's contribution to market literature is important, for he had correctly identified market "engineering." In a nutshell, Taylor maintained the market was taken lower to create buying opportunities for market insiders or taken higher to create selling opportunities. The method was improved later by George Angell and Linda Raschke - this will be explained further by Trevor in the session. *For Clients in Hong Kong only: it is an eligible CPD course approved by Treasury Markets Association (TMA)   November 18th Using Relative Rotation graphs ™ in Foreign Exchange* RRG charts are an established favorite amongst Asset Managers, Fund Managers, and Equity Pairs Traders. Trevor is a Research Director of RRG Research BV, together with Julius de Kempenaer, the creator of RRG. RRG charts are available on your Eikon and other professional platforms. But what about using RRG to track all the FX market relationships in one graph? How can we discover opportunities? If you are a Treasury Trader or FX markets trader, this session is for you. *For Clients in Hong Kong only: it is an eligible CPD course approved by Treasury Markets Association (TMA)   December  9th Regime Detection* In this session, we will build on the previous systematic strategy session where we generated and used pre-built technical analysis indicators & features, and back-tested a simple strategy using various packages in Python. In particular, we will focus on the task of Regime Detection which aims to classify the sort of market we are in. We will cover several approaches to assessing this. It is then hoped that we can ignore any signals generated that are against the regime we are in and ultimately improve our systematic performance. The session will be a joint presentation by Trevor Neil and Jason Ramchandani, Lead Developer Advocate at Refinitiv.  Jason joined Trevor in August for the “Refinitiv Embraces Python” session and in the July surgery “Becoming Systematic”, which can be downloaded from the BETA Group Academy. *For Clients in Hong Kong only: it is an eligible CPD course approved by Treasury Markets Association (TMA)   December 16th The Technical Year Ahead* Around this time last year, Trevor Neil made his annual technical forecasts - weak US stock market and rampant USD, and up and down in many commodities. There was also a focus on energy as a leading sector in the US market rise and fall, and European and US energy markets also separated. In this session, Trevor will make another set of technical forecasts for 2023. Aside from the Stock Indices, the Dollar, Crude, German Power, and Gold that he will cover, you may send suggestions for markets, for him to tackle in this extra session. Send your RIC codes to *For Clients in Hong Kong only: it is an eligible CPD course approved by Treasury Markets Association (TMA)   Each month, Trevor Neil presents three live sessions on subjects relating to market timing skills and theory. They are a must for students and experienced analysts alike. The sessions are at 2 PM Singapore time, 10 AM London time, and 12 NN New York time, generally on the third Friday of each month.  The Surgeries last for one hour, live and free of charge, and are open to all. You will receive the session slides after the meeting. Past recordings and slides are available for a small charge or you may also subscribe HERE. If you are interested in attending one of Trevor Neil's classes, see or if you would like him to present, share his experience, and teach at your firm or to your group wherever you are,  click HERE to book a call with Trevor Neil to discuss the advantages and viability of a visit or an eLearning course.  A personalised course is a surprisingly economical option and the very best way to learn and profit from this skill. .

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