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  • About Charts in Thomson Reuters Eikon - (3:00) View description

    A short introduction to the charting options available in Thomson Reuters Eikon - Version 4

  • Getting Started with The Chart (CHT) App View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • Create a Chart App (02:18)
    • Customizing a Chart App Quickly (03:03)
    • Add Analyses and Trendlines to a Chart (03:04)
    • Adding a Chart to your Favorites (01:27) more
    • Linking a Quote List with a Chart App (01:38)
    • Use Relative Performance Analysis (02:13)
    • Sharing Apps using Thomson Reuters Messenger (01:58)
    • Export Chart Data to Excel (01:33)
    • Customizing Chart Properties (03:34)

  • Exploring Chart Options in Eikon View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • An overview of Chart Views in Thomson Reuters Eikon (1:00)
    • The Company Chart View (2:15)
    • Comparing Companies (2:00)
    • Charting Fundamental Data with Chart Builder (2:00) more
    • Using Chart Builder to Create an Analysis Chart (3:00)
    • Using Workflow Charts (4:11)
    • Accessing Charts from the App Library (1:30)
    • Using Eikon Answers to Create a Technical Analysis Chart (2:30)

  • Trevor Neil's Technical Analysis Surgery
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    This Technical Analysis Webinar will be run by Trevor Neil, principal trainer of the BETA Group based in London. He will use the Thomson Reuters Eikon Charting object to demonstrate and explain the theory or technique, using examples from the market. The session will be interactive and more conducted using the Virtual Training technology - Adobe and Audio Conferencing. Live sessions are held three times on Fridays and once on Mondays, choose the time that suits you. Trevor Neil has been a trader for over 40 years and a daily user of technical analysis. For four years he was Global Head of Technical Analysis Training and Development at a leading information provider. He started a successful hedge fund in Johannesburg in 2004. He sold his interest in the fund and started another smaller one which he operates from London today. He has given many seminars to top investment firms and funds throughout Europe.  He is much in demand and has run many courses for top banks, investment firms, corporates and funds throughout Europe and worldwide. BETA Group runs open courses mainly in London. He also works with Thomson Reuters running courses from their offices worldwide. He can also run an exclusive course for you and your colleagues in your firm, wherever you are. For more information on Trevor Neil and BETA Group, to book a course or for information on other services visit - or mail or book a call with Trevor Neil.

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