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Market Monitoring (15)

Idea Generation (6)

Security Analysis (6)

Trading and Liquidity Search (7)

Market Making and Sell Side Services (1)

App Studio (3rd Party Apps) (3)

Spotlight on Content (3)

Reuters News Editorial Products (2)

Focus on Equity Derivatives (5)

Technical Analysis (3)

  • The Signal App - (03:33) View description

    The Signal App (SIGNAL) allows you to monitor in real-time a universe of securities against a set of technical criteria, and be alerted when any of the conditions are met. Select from a list of over 150 predefined signals or create your own using the Custom Signal Editor. Watch this short more video to find out how.

  • The Relative Rotation Graph (RRG) App - (03:13) View description

    Available in Eikon - Version 3.3 and later, the Relative Rotation Graph provides a visual presentation of how a group of securities (or sectors) are performing relative to a benchmark. If you are a trader or investment analyst then make the RRG a key piece in your investment research puzzle.

  • Build Technical Indicators with Cloud Functions in MS Excel View description

    This is a longer course designed for those seeking to become an advanced user of Eikon - Microsoft Office. Cloud Functions allow you to process market data on the Thomson Reuters Data Cloud, thereby returning only the required end-results into Excel. This in turn allows you to create elegant more and efficient workbooks with no need for large tables of underlying data nor complex systems of volatile Excel formulas. Despite operating exclusively on Price and Volume data items, the diversity of Technical Indicators makes them an ideal means to demonstrate a reasonable subset of the range of Cloud Functions, and associated techniques. (Level: Master Class)

The Expert's Corner (4)

Portfolio & Investment Management (6)

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