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  • Datastream Charting - Getting Started
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
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    Quick and easy access to analytical charts and data is essential in today’s fast moving markets. Datastream Charting is an intuitive web-based tool designed around your workflow with key analytical tools allowing you to easily test financial and economic scenarios and share charts with more colleagues and peers. Course outline: - Key benefits of Datastream Charting - Key Indicators and Overview - Creating Charts - Applying Currency Conversion and Functions - Editing chart settings and Datatype - Saving Charts - Exporting Charts .

  • Datastream in Excel - Getting Started
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
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    Datastream AFO enables you to build complex models and reports without using the Datastream Desktop. Data and charts can be linked in Excel enabling you to create spreadsheets which marry a wealth of different datasets while maintaining links to refresh at the click of a button to keep them up more to date. Course outline: - Overview of Datastream - Principles of Datastream AFO - Building embedded requests - Editing and refreshing embedded requests - Further use of Datastream AFO .

  • Datastream - uploading and using your own time series
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
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    User Created Time Series (UCTS) allows you to upload your own data in Datastream. The values can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly and can then be combined with Datastream maintained series in charts and data requests accessible within Datastream Charting, Datastream AFO and more Datastream Desktop. Course outline: - Accessing the UCTS template - Uploading your own time series to Datastream - Accessing a UCTS - Editing a UCTS .

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