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All the answers to the Datastream Certificate can be found in the study materials below. Work through the training and then request a token to take the exam.


Learn the Basics (5)

Working with Different Chart Types (4)

Working in Microsoft Office (3)

  • Retrieving and Analyzing Data in Excel - (2:00) View description

    This OnDemand video explains how customers can use DFO - Datastreams add-in for Microsoft Office - to build complex models and reports that can be linked straight into Excel. .

  • Datastream for Office: Using Request Tables View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Key Benefits of Request Tables (1:44)
    • Creating a Request Table (6:16)
    • Creating a Chart Request (2:26)
    • Using pre-built Tearsheets (1:41)

  • Datastream Charting: Exporting and Refreshing Charts View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Export a Chart to Microsoft Excel (1:54)
    • Export a Chart to Microsoft Word (2:10)
    • Export a Template to Microsoft Office (1:40)
    • Export Multiple Charts to Microsoft Office (2:23) more
    • Export a chart as an Image File (2:45)
    • Share a Live Chart URL (2:27)
    • Share a chart using the Edit URL (1:46)
    • Set Sharing Preferences (2:05)
    • Refresh charts from Microsoft Office (2:09)
    • Running a template from Microsoft Excel (1:26)
    • Using the Chart Manager (4:25)
    • Refresh locally-stored chart images (0:57)

Analytics and Tools (4)

Exploring the Data Content (1)

  • Datastream Asset4 - (2:00) View description

    Refinitiv's Asset4 provides a one-stop shop of ESG information which may be accessed via Datastream, allowing users to seamlessly combine and analyze ESG data with financial metrics. Watch this video to learn how to access and use this information in Datastream. Total Running Time 3:17 .

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