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FX Power Tips (3)

News, Research and Macroeconomics (4)

  • Monitor Central Bank Information - (2:00) View description

    Central Bank Views provide an overview of the monetary authority for a domestic economy, covering key information on policy rates and relevant Reuters Polls, policy news and events. Eikon carries central bank views for all countries and key regions. This video will show you how to access key more information and to monitor rate decisions in real time. .

  • View Economic Polls - (2:00) View description

    Learn how to access the Economic Indicator Polls app which allows you to view the detailed breakdown of Reuters Poll for an array of real time economic indicators. .

  • Monitor Global Market News with IFR Markets - (2:00) View description

    IFR Markets is now a fully integrated product in Eikon and is relied on by industry professionals around the globe, 24 hours a day. Find out here why you should access it today, how to access News and Data for Rates, Credit and Foreign Exchange, as well as how to set up Alerts. Total running more time 4:36 .

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  • The News Monitor (NEWS) App View description

    This course includes the following topics:

    • Introduction to the News Monitor (01:15)
    • Creating a News Search (2:34)
    • Keyword searching (1:38)
    • Filters and Sources (1:17) more
    • Filtering for News by Date (01:24)
    • The Headline Highlighter Tool (01:19)
    • Customizing the News Monitor (02:41)
    • Advanced Search Filters(0:56)

Focus on Spot (1)

  • Monitor FX Spot Rates - (2:00) View description

    The FX Spot Monitor App(FXSM) allows users to monitor real-time composite Spot quotes, daily ranges and activity indicator with links to news and charts. Learn how to access and use this app. .

Focus On FX Options (2)

Focus on Deposits, Forwards and Futures (3)

  • Swap Points and Outrights Calculator View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • Opening the Swap Points and Outrights Calculator(SPO) (3:08)
    • Modifying Currency Sources and Customizing Parameters (2:46) more
    • Using IMM-Dated Contributions (1:49)
    • Holidays and Currency Calendars (1:35)
    • Working with Standard Periods (1:18)
    • Calculating Short Period Swap Points from Deposit Rates (1:19)
    • Working with Broken Dates (1:41)
    • Calculating Forward Forwards (1:07)
    • Open the FX/MM Curve Calculator (2:23)
    • Opening Deposit Analysis (1:46)

  • The NDF Calculator - (2:00) View description

    The NDF app calculates synthetic cross and spot rates, swap points, outrights and deposit rates for non-deliverable currencies. The calculator is very similar to the Swap Points and Outright Calculator. .

  • View OTC Trades Using The SDR Viewer - (2:00) View description

    The SDR Viewer allows you to monitor Dodd-Frank regulated swap trades as reported by the DTCC, bringing transparency to a previously opaque market. Learn how to access this tool. .

Focus on Interest rate derivatives (1)

  • Discover Rates Views - (2:00) View description

    Rates Views (RV) provides comprehensive rates prices and related spread data for cash, derivative and future products. A suite of calculated spreads provides visibility on trade flow across G40+ markets and you can spot investment opportunities with intuitive charting. Tradeweb is fully more integrated along with pop out screens to fully customize the Rates Views experience. NEW: We have now integrated new visualizers in the Carry&RollDown tab. Watch this video now to find out more! Total Running Time 6:01 .

Focus on Curves and Spreads (1)

FXall in Eikon (3)

FX for MS Excel (1)

  • Eikon - Microsoft Office: Core Functionality - (2:00) View description

    Get an overview of the core capabilities of the Microsoft Office add-in. See how it interacts with Eikon desktop, tap into the advanced financial function library, and find tools for charting, contribution, and more. For complex tasks, discover APIs for automated data retrieval and processing. .

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