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Getting Started (7)

News, Research and Macroeconomics (4)

  • Monitor Central Bank Information - (2:00) View description

    Central Bank Views provide an overview of the monetary authority for a domestic economy, covering key information on policy rates and relevant Reuters Polls, policy news and events. Eikon carries central bank views for all countries and key regions. This video will show you how to access key more information and to monitor rate decisions in real time. .

  • View Economic Polls - (2:00) View description

    Learn how to access the Economic Indicator Polls app which allows you to view the detailed breakdown of Reuters Poll for an array of real time economic indicators. .

  • The News Monitor (NEWS) App View description

    This course includes the following topics:

    • Introduction to the News Monitor (01:15)
    • Creating a News Search (2:34)
    • Keyword searching (1:38)
    • Filters and Sources (1:17) more
    • Filtering for News by Date (01:24)
    • The Headline Highlighter Tool (01:19)
    • Customizing the News Monitor (02:41)
    • Advanced Search Filters(0:56)

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  • Monitor Global Market News with IFR Markets - (2:00) View description

    IFR Markets is now a fully integrated product in Eikon and is relied on by industry professionals around the globe, 24 hours a day. Find out here why you should access it today, how to access News and Data for Rates, Credit and Foreign Exchange, as well as how to set up Alerts. Total running more time 4:36 .

Focus on Bonds (7)

Focus on Credit Derivatives (3)

  • FactEntry Credit Corporate Actions App - (2:00) View description

    Fact Entry provides a robust announcement monitoring service covering Fixed Income issuers in the global markets featuring over 51 thousand entities and over 250 corporate action types. Learn how to access and use this valuable tool. .

  • Credit Default Swap Calculator View description

    The Credit Default Swap calculator (CDSV) provides CDS Single Names and Indices calculation for Fixed Income users. This module demonstrates:

    • Starting the Credit Default Swap Calculator (0:53)
    • Searching for Instruments in the CDS Calculator (1:47) more
    • Searching for Indices in the CDS Calculator (1:55)
    • About ISDA Standard Mode (2:08)
    • Pricing a Deal in ISDA Mode (3:04)
    • Marking to Market Using CDS Calculator (1:24)
    • Bond Valuation from the CDS Calculator (2:02)
    • Changing to CDS Par (1:15)
    • Using Full Mode in the CDS Calculator (0:56)

  • Monitor Issuer Ratings - (2:00) View description

    Learn how to navigate the Issuer Rating Monitor (RATMON). This tool allows you to keep up to date with the latest ratings actions as published by the rating agencies for all types of entities including public, private and sovereign. .

Focus on Interest rate derivatives (3)

Manage Risk using MS Excel and Starmine (3)

  • Eikon - Microsoft Office: Data Retrieval - (2:00) View description

    Get an overview of the core data retrieval capabilities of the Microsoft Office add-in. Discover various methods for building and editing data retrieval functions in Excel. Find out about the range of content sets available. .

  • Eikon - Microsoft Office: Core Functionality - (2:00) View description

    Get an overview of the core capabilities of the Microsoft Office add-in. See how it interacts with Eikon desktop, tap into the advanced financial function library, and find tools for charting, contribution, and more. For complex tasks, discover APIs for automated data retrieval and processing. .

  • Building Your Own Excel Calculator - (2:00) View description

    The video introduces Style Management in Eikon Excel – a database of market conventions that facilitates a great number of other calculations for fixed income, FX/MM, and futures markets. In the example, we walk you through building your own calendar calculator in Excel, and leverage data more validation to put a whole list of various calendar styles at your fingertips. .

Portfolio Analysis (1)

The Swap Pricer (1)

  • The New Swap Pricer (SWPR) App View description

    Discover how the New Swap Pricer meets current challenges in credit risk management by pricing and valuing collateralized swaps, and OTC swaps with CVA adjustments. Price and value a range of swap types with non-standard terms. Adjust Interest Rate and Notional components of each leg more independently. Manipulate individual payments and resets. Identify the optimum currency for your next debt issuance by visually comparing funding options. .

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